Monday, February 23, 2015

The Runaway King - Jennifer A. Nielsen

Date Started: 2/18/15
Date Finished: 2/20/15

Ok, as I said in my summary for the first installment of this book (The False Prince), I really like this author's voice. The narration is crisp, the plot hums along and it's a really enjoyable read. All of this continued in the second book in the series.

Here's the official book blurb:

A kingdom teetering on the brink of destruction. A king gone missing. Who will survive?
Just weeks after Jaron has taken the throne, an assassination attempt forces him into a deadly situation. Rumors of a coming war are winding their way between the castle walls, and Jaron feels the pressure quietly mounting within Carthya. Soon, it becomes clear that deserting the kingdom may be his only hope of saving it. But the further Jaron is forced to run from his identity, the more he wonders if it is possible to go too far. Will he ever be able to return home again? Or will he have to sacrifice his own life in order to save his kingdom?

The stunning second installment of The Ascendance Trilogy takes readers on a roller coaster ride of treason and murder, thrills and peril, as they journey with the Runaway King.

Spoilers ahead:

So it may be true that Jaron manages to escape with his life more times than is humanly possible BUT it's so much fun to read - who cares if it strains credulity?!

The plot is this: Jaron's country is doomed. He is going to be attacked by pirates or attached by Avenia - either way they are going to lose. The only way he can change this is to do the impossible - join the pirates. Which he does, with the help of street urchin, Fink, and a thief, Eric. Unfortunately for Jaron his arch-enemy returns to he pirate camp and plans to kill him (after defeating the current pirate king to become king himself). Roden. Somehow Jaron convinces Roden that he needs him as captain of the guard and at the fateful moment, Roden agrees - so in the end Jaron does have the pirates on his side - or at least enough where they won't imminently attack his country.

Other key plot points - Conner didn't work alone in poisoning Jaron's family - he had help from the captain of the guard - and this comes to light in this book. The captain gets his punishment by being left with the pirates after Jaron departs. See ya!

Imogen went to the pirate camp as a worker at Amarinda's request because Amarinda guessed what Jaron would do. The books ends with quite the love triangle being formed - Jaron is going to have to choose and neither choice seems all that bad.

Finally- at the very end of the book Avenia attacks and abducts Imogen - so now war is a foregone conclusion.

Can't wait for book 3!

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