Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ascend (Trylle Trilogy, #3) - Amanda Hocking

Date Started: 6/28/11
Date Finished: 6/29/11

One-Word Summary: Finished!

I feel that I should clarify something: I didn't take the day off of work or spend it holed up in my office reading this book. I actually had jury duty today which meant that I had a lot of time to sit and read - and very easily finish this book.

So since we've come to the end of our trilogy, what can I say? Well, I finished it!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Torn (Trylle Trilogy, Book 2) - Amanda Hocking

Date Started: 6/18/11
Date Finished: 6/27/11

One-Word Summary: eh....

And so it continues...Look, I already said that I was going to read all three of these books, so no judgment!

Switched (Trylle Trilogy, Book 1) - Amanda Hocking

Date Started: 6/15/11
Date Finished: 6/16/11

One-Word Summary: um....

Obviously since I'm writing about this book I have to confess to reading it. Yikes! Well in the spirit of full disclosure I will admit the following: I read young adult books and often like them (yes, including the science fiction ones). Twilight, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games - loved them all. I get sucked into new series when they're cheap on Amazon (those wily publishers know what they're doing). So that's the back story on this one. Kind of embarrassing? Absolutely. Less so on the Kindle? Damn straight. At least no one on the subway can see me with this!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cleopatra: A Life - Stacy Schiff

Date Started: 6/1/11
Date Finished: 6/16/11

One-Word Summary: Amazing

As anyone who has read this blog can attest, I lean strongly (almost exclusively) to fiction. Every once in a while I delve into non-fiction and I decided, after a long absence, to dive back in with Cleopatra: A Life. She is a famous historical figure about whom I knew basically nothing. The reviews for this book seemed promising and they were right: this was one of the best books I've read in a while.