Sunday, April 26, 2015

Flirting with Felicity - Gerri Russell

Date Started: 4/10/15
Date Finished: 4/12/15

Ok, to be clear, this was a Kindle First freebie...and I was feeling like some light reading.

Here's the Amazon blurb: A lovable chef, a sudden inheritance, and a relentless billionaire are just a few of the tasty ingredients in Flirting with Felicity. But what really makes this novel stand out are its decadent descriptions, which had me salivating over the protagonist’s culinary creations—and her handsome adversary. If you’re anything like me and enjoy your stories savory, you’ll love delving into this multilayered romance that comes with a heaping side of escapism. 

Though Felicity Wright’s dream seems to come true when she inherits the hotel and restaurant where she serves as head chef, it turns out she must go toe-to-toe with sexy Blake Bancroft, the nephew of the late owner, if she doesn’t want that dream to deflate like an ill-timed soufflĂ©. 

So the premise of the book is that this is good-hearted Felicity vs. business-man Blake. Felicity, of course, cares about all of the employees and wants to ensure they are taken care of. Blake on the other hand, wants to completely renovate the hotel to make it a green property - because he cares about the environment (see, he's not all bad!) - though that would mean everyone loses their jobs while the hotel is being renovated. 

So why, oh why, did the deceased leave the hotel to Felicity when he knew Blake would show up...?
Oh, because he wanted them to get together. This was so obvious from the start that I hope it was intended that way. The question is asked repeatedly by each character, both explicit and through their thoughts. And neither of them ever though...perhaps the old man wanted us to meet? 

Anyway, as to the actual book - its a fun beach read. Of course there are some steamy scenes, of course the atmosphere is ripe with tension almost the entire time, and of course they end up together in the end. It's all very predictable, though that doesn't mean it's a bad thing - just hop on for an easy ride and you won't be disappointed. 

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